The Rune Pack is a collection of 25 Runes and 4 Shamanic Directions designed for the user/runester to interpret a reading according to a situation or an event. This pack is being designed in stages, the first stage of illustrating the cards is now complete. The cards will be accompanied with a black and white booklet, giving the interpretations of each pf the runes meaning and where they sit in the rune pack. For examples of the cards and the artwork please visit the 'Rune' sub-page under illustration.

This story begins before the end of the last ice age when Paleolithic and Neolithic man started their journey in a hostile environment in Northern Europe. During that time the environment was glacial and inhospitable with many feline and canine predators. Despite the adversities these peoples were subjected to, the culture and artwork of these hominids can be found in the form of cave art with what appear to be runic symbology and shapes.

As the northern European nomadic peoples evolved a Norse shamanic culture developed and eventually a runic alphabet was formed. The Runes were written and also narrated by the tribes of northern Europe in the form of Eddas (poems, songs and stories) and so the modern futhark (runic alphabet) came into being as we know it today.

As a spiritual artist I gravitated towards the runes. As I learned more about Norse mythology, divination techniques and varied interpretations of rune meanings, I found that I was able to form my own interpretation of the runes and how to personalise them for practical use. In this booklet I describe my own definitions of the runes and the meanings behind them.

The stories of the runes can be interpreted to depict the existence of a wise Shaman called Odin who traveled far and wide to gather knowledge about the hidden mysteries of the Universe and the makings of all creation. Odin’s journeys led him to hang himself upside down on the tree of life called ‘Yggdrasil’ (‘The World Tree’). Odin hung upside down for 9 days and 9 nights without food or drink. While in this state he lost one eye, and from that sacrifice he saw the runes using his 9 staves. This was seen as a gift from Odin to the world detailing the different facets of the Universe and how that leads to physical manifestation.

Different Futharks were used by different tribes, but the 25 runes (24 including the destiny rune) is the one commonly used in divination today. The ‘Common’ or ‘Elder Futhark’ consists of 24 runes, excluding the destiny rune, and is divided into three families of eight. Eddas have been made to describe the runes, gods and goddesses that exist on different levels of reality. Similar to the mythologies of Norse Gods and Goddess each rune has a unique energy and identity. In combination the rune set describes three states of reality. These states are described as ‘the un-manifest energies of potential’, ‘energies coming into being’ and ‘the energies of physical manifestation’.


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