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Testimonials: Client Work and Card/Print Purchases.

Lynne Sibley:

I have known Jon for a number of years, and his creativity and sensitivity in everything he does is truly awe inspiring. I was so excited when he started work on the Goddess cards, and again he has proved his amazing talent. He has produced them with his usual care and precision to detail. Jon has taken the time to understand the energy of each Goddess and Her symbols which he shows very cleverly in his illustrations and write-ups. Thank you Jon for making these available and may you long continue to produce your beautiful work.

Yours Very Sincerely, Lynne Sibley

Laura Brown: Inner Sense Healing


Thank you so much for creating the logo for my website. I had no doubt that you would be able to design something that stood out and captured the essence of what I do (healing therapy).
You gave me so many ideas and design choices to look at, working very hard to get it right. I love the final design, it's just perfect!

Thank you also for designing the banner and various size logos which will enable me to use for different projects.

Laura Brown, Inner Sense Healing