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Welcome to J Shinn Creative.

Over the last 10 years I have developed my skills as a graphics artist. With a history of both illustrative and graphic design experience I have developed a portfolio that demonstrates my capabilities as a modern and up to date designer. My works cover a broad spectrum of pieces from logo design to fine art. The site has a range of images showing the construction of the design work to the final completion.

All my artwork is digitally produced, this means that I develop the initial concept from sketch and then scan this image into my computer. There I develop my art brushes using Adobe Photoshop and start to create the image. I often work on many layers on a design piece and my main tool is a graphics tablet. In effect it is just like painting but using digital technology to do so. Many hours of work go into making the final piece. It is then formatted and printed from the digital form.

Digital art is recognised as a new medium, it is widely used in games, CGI for film and well-known artists are now using it as a medium e.g. David Hockney.

To order any designs that you have seen please go to the .


Etsy Shop

New to J Shinn Creative, Etsy On-line Shop...

Please visit the Shop and see what you think, new items and products coming soon... 



Hello All,  It's been a while but I am on the verge of creating a brand new shopping site with Twitter and Facebook Streams. Additional information will be here shortly. Also watch this space for a new video that is about to be created. If your interested in my work and want a piece of art for yourself or for a friend/family member then people contact me for a quote. Depending on the level of complexity commissions start from £200-00, excluding print costs. Contact for details....

Inner Sense Healing

Logo Design for Inner Sense Healing: This was a logo developed as a branding revamp to illustrate the client's healing business. The design went through many processes, to see the the development look at my facebook page and click through the album on this link.